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la fotoVicente Uclés Advisory Group is a professional firm established in Elche since 2009 focusing its activities, since its inception, in processing traffic records.

Human capital is our greatest asset with a professional staff  with extensive experience in the automotive industry developed over twenty years. Note that in front of our office there is a Collegiate Administrative Manager.

New technologies

We provide services online with the different public administrations for the electronic processing of all car-related records and records from which we highlight Traffic Department, City Councils, County Council, State Agency for Tax Administration, and Ministry of Economy and Finance of Alicante.

In our quest to improve our services advisory group we´ve created autogestoriaonline Vicente Uclés. A free online application for our clients to provide all administrative tasks for their vehicles. Facing the automotive sector,the client will get a noticeable improvement in the quality of service saving time in processing, taking greater control of operations and reducing costs. The client can download bills and keep up payments. All with maximum security to ensure the protection of your data.

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If you want to access the portal keys autogestoriaonline requests username and password. Once received the access codes click here: User Access